Sunday, 19 April 2015

MUNCHIES Cheese Fix Review

Where has this Munchies Cheese Fix packet of goodness been in my life?!
UK supermarkets should must have these on their shelves, these would be a hit with UK customers especially those who love cheese flavoured snacks.

We have:
ROLD GOLD pretzels
Sun chips

All in one pack. 

Isn't it lovely to have a little selection of crisps to nibble on? 

What's great is that my family and I love all 4 of these so none of them will go to waste. 
It's not like a box of celebrations where you eat up all your favourite chocolates and leave the horrible ones behind. In my household, we always leave behind the "bounty" chocolates.

Nutrition facts
140 calories per serving which s about three-quarter cup is not bad. Nobody can blame you if you eat more than 1 serving in one sitting- it's so lip-smackingly tasty!

It's quite fattening, high in sodium, so eat responsibly.

If you want, you can buy each snack individually and combine them in one bowl to share with your friends and family during a get together. In that way, you get more for your money.

It's difficult to choose which snack I liked best.

Sun chips
The sun chip snack is light, thin, a little salty and cheesy. I like the wavy shape of it, it's fully whole grain and it's crispy. In the UK we have these but not in cheese flavour! We need these urgently!

Pretzels/Tiny Twists
The pretzels are just your ordinary cracker-like pretzels. As it's mixed in with three other cheesy snacks, you can taste a bit of cheese flavour and it's a little more salty than usual.

The mini triangular doritos in the middle is delicious- I don't know anybody who dislikes it. It's the cheesiest and the most salty out of the 4 snacks. As it's packed full of flavour, no dip is necessary.

You have no idea how long I've been wanting to try cheetos! It's a popular American snack. I always thought it was similar to "Wotsits" which are cheese flavour light corn puffs that you can get your hands on in the UK. But it's not. It's more similar to "Nik Naks". Cheetos are short, thin, crunchy, lightly salted and full of cheese flavour.

If you fancy something to nibble on, get your paws on this!

Overall satisfaction? 100%